Cost of Home Building Materials – How to Determine Your Materials Package Costs

Because the home building materials package is so important, I seem to be constantly trying to answer the following question. Frankly, it’s not the most important question you could ask and the answer can be misleading. But, here’s the question:

Question: How does an Owner Builder figure the cost of home building materials?


The biggest investment for an owner builder when building a home is the materials package. This is why everyone seems to ask this question first!

Unfortunately, it’s a question that cannot really be accurately answered early on in the process. Several decisions have to be made and many steps have to รับสร้างบ้าน be taken first.

Major Influences on the Cost of Building Materials Packages

The most important thing that influences the cost of the materials is the type of home, and type and quality of materials. You could be building a stick built home from 2x6s, a SIP or ICF home, a log home, hay bale, post and beam, steel framed, or any of a number of different types of homes using various building materials with a wide range of costs.

Strategies for Getting Building Materials Costs

Doing a lot of research on the internet will assist you in getting and understanding the information you’re looking for. But, here are a couple of ideas that should help you with this question:

  1. The materials package itself will usually cost between 30 to 50% of the overall homebuilding cost.
  2. The most traditional approach (i.e. stick built out of 2×6 studs) is probably going to be the cheapest if you’re using outside labor
  3. If you’re a DIY owner builder, doing a lot of work yourself, products that are easy for you to install yourself would likely save the most money in the long run.
  4. Create detailed blueprints and “Take-Off” lists and have all items priced
  5. Use a Kit Home/Packaged Home Company

As you might surmise from item #4 above, accurate pricing of home building materials will need to wait until the house plans are prepared and materials lists are made.

Materials Also Supplied by Subcontractors

Finally, you will not likely be able to get a complete assessment of the cost of the entire materials package from one source. Even with Kit Home packages there are many materials items they do not include. Remember as well that in most cases, subcontractors prefer to supply certain items separate from any package you might purchase.


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